Presentation of the company

Looking for high-quality young plants for your tree nursery? You have come to the right place!

Multiplant NV produces a wide range of young plants in P9 or P8 of ornamental shrubs and conifers.

We at Multiplant NV also guarantee delivery of well-sorted, pure-bred quality plants.

Moreover, we maintain very close contact with reliable suppliers. In this way we strive to respond to our clients’ demands as completely as possible. We can also deliver to your home with our very own delivery lorry!

Our sales are targeted towards domestic and foreign tree nurseries, garden centres and landscapers.

Multiplant NV strives for excellent quality and superb service!

History of the company

Today, Multiplant NV is a company of repute in the tree nursery business. The name is synonymous with the cultivation of plant stock consisting of conifers, ornamental shrubs and bushes of the finest quality.

A lengthy history precedes all of this however, for at the start of the horticultural company in 1946 none of this could ever have been imagined.

In 1946 grandparents Renaat and Maria Bolangier-Van der Vurst started cultivating cut flowers.

Carnations made up the chief culture, with the Aalst region at the heart of its cultivation.

At the beginning of the 1960s, when Robert Bolangier took over, the activities switched to tree nursery.

Greenhouses were converted, azalea japonica, rhododendron, erica and camellia were the plant stock cultures being cultivated inside.

Outside, in open air, the plant stock consisted of conifers and ornamental shrubs.

Over the years the conifer and ornamental shrub plant stock gained the upper hand and in 1987 cultivation of heath soil plants was stopped. Plant stock was no longer cultivated in open air, but in plastic pots of 8 and 9 cm.

1997 saw the retirement of Robert Bolangier and his duties as company director of Multiplant NV are transferred to his son Sven. Under his leadership the company is modernized into a premier nursery.

We would be delighted if you would pay a visit to our nursery to have a look around. Everybody is welcome!